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Broughan Trailers

Bale & Flat Trailers

Bale and Flat trailers are manufactured in all sizes, ranging up to 36ft and can be produced for Heavy Duty applications.

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Grain/Silage Trailers

GRAIN, SILAGE & ROOT CROP TRAILERS The range of grain, silage and root crop trailers are available from 12 to 24 tonne tri-axle with 10 stud commercial axles on spring suspension with a large range of optional extras.

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Dumper Trailers

Dump trailers are available in sizes ranging from 12 tonne to 24 tonne tri-axle.

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Cattle Trailers

CATTLE TRAILERS Cattle trailers are built in all sizes, ranging from 16ft to 32ft and come with aluminium sides and chequered floor and ramp.

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Low Loaders

Low loaders are available from 16 tonne to 30 tonne.

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Bespoke Trailers

If you have an idea or specification, we can build a trailer to suit your requirements

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