Grass Harrow

Trailed Grass Harrow

Scarifying has long since been regarded as one of the most efficient ways of promoting grass growth. Scarifying removes weeds and moss, aerates the soil, breaks up sods and surface crusting, improves moisture and improves herbicide absorption which stimulates the growth of grass. Fleming grass harrows have been designed to cater for all grassland operations…

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Mounted Grass Harrow

The Fleming mounted grass harrow range has 6 models making Fleming the perfect option for the hobby farmer/gardener and the large scale farmer. – GHL6 – 6ft/ 1.8m – GHL8 – 8ft/ 2.5m – GHL10 – 10ft/ 3m – GHL12 – 12ft/ 3.7m – GHL14 – 14ft/ 4.25m – GHL16 – 16ft/ 4.9m    

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