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Slurry Tanks


TD-S tandem tankers offer greater carrying capacities than single axle tankers. With capacities from 2000 – 4000 gallons (9,092 to 18,866 litres), farmers and contractors are looking for greater efficiency. TD-S tankers are fitted as standard with a swivel hitch, sprung drawbar and a high speed commercial tandem axle for operator comfort.     TD-S…

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TD-R tandem tankers are designed for high-use premium farmers and contractors. A sprung drawbar, four large BKT 750/60 R30.5 Ridemax tyres and a high speed commercial sprung axle complete with rear steering are all fitted as standard ensuring TD-R tankers can travel anywhere, and get there fast. Capacities from 3000 to 4000 gallons (13,638 to…

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TRI-S tankers are available in capacities from 4000 to 5000 gallons (18,184 to 22,500 litres) TRI-S tankers use three large commercial high speed axles to carry the weight. To aid manoeuvrability with the TRI-S range, both the front and the rear axle provide passive steering as standard. A large Jurop 11000 litre pump is fitted…

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SA-S tanker are non-recessed vacuum tankers where the wheels are located outside of the barrel. With capacities from 800 to 2000 gallons (3,637 to 9,092 litres), the SA-S tanker range is designed to meet the needs of smaller farmers. The SA-S range is fitted with an agricultural axle as standard as this range is particularly…

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The SA-R range of vacuum tankers are premium single axle recessed slurry tankers for farmers and contractors alike. The capacities of the SA-R range from 1350 to 3000 gallons (6,137 to 13,784 litres).  Sizes from 1350 upwards to 2600 come standard on a stepped axle to dramatically lower the overall height of the tanker. HiSpec…

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