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Power Harrows

NG-S 101 Power Harrow

The Kverneland NG-S 101 is a heavy-duty power harrow for all kinds of operations in all types of soil conditions. Robustly designed for use on tractors up to 250hp, with the Kverneland heavy-duty trough design and Quick-Fit tines this power harrow is the right alternative for large farms and farm contractors. The Kverneland Power Harrows…

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H Series Power Harrows

The H series is the robust medium-sized power harrow for effective operation in most conditions. By using a double bending sandwich section for the trough, it has been possible to increase its strength, making it self-supporting without increasing the weight whilst keeping a clean and tidy design. Main features like the rotor distance of 25cm,…

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M Series Power Harrows

The Kverneland M series is a medium-sized power harrow for tractors up to 140HP. It is the lightest model within the Kverneland range of power harrows. Still, the M series offers strength and durability due to the heavy-duty headstock and the self-supporting trough. The optional ‘Quick-Fit’ tine holders and double conical bearings ensure optimum performance.…

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NGS F35 Foldable Power Harrow

The Kverneland Foldable Power Harrow NG-S 101 F35 is the result of effective  co-operation between cultivation and seeding experts to construct a “state of the art” strong and effective implement designed for tractors up to 400 hp. This power harrow is available in working widths of 4.5 to 6.0m. The foldable power harrow has the…

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