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iXter A

The new mounted sprayer with tank volumes of 800, 1000 and 1200 litres. There are two different boom types available the HOSA (12 and 15 metres) and HC (18, 20 and 21 metres). The Power of Simplicity! The iXter A will be added to the Kverneland mounted field sprayer range. The iXter A is available…

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iXter B

Mounted sprayer range with tank volumes from 1000 up to 1800 litres. Different boom types available from 15 – 30 metres. The Power of Technology The Kverneland iXter B mounted sprayer is the fruit of years of research and development in close collaboration with farmers: this is today the most advanced mounted sprayer range with focus on user…

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iXtrack A and B

Trailed sprayer range with tank volumes from 2400 up to 3600 litres. Steel and aluminium boom types from 18 up to 36 metres available. Are You Ready for A New iXperience? The Kverneland iXtrack A trailed sprayer is available in 2400 or 2800 litre tank capacity in combination with the HSS 18-30 metre horizontal folding steel booms. Tank volumes…

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iXtrack C

High tech trailed sprayer range with tank sizes up till 6.000 litres! Three different boom types from 18 up to even 45 metres available! Are You Ready for A New iXperience? The Kverneland iXtrack C trailed sprayer is developed with big focus on operator comfort and environmental protection. The iXtrack C offers tank volumes of 3000, 4000 and…

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iXtrack T3

Compact designed trailed sprayer. Precise, easy and effective, with tank volumes from 2600 and 3200 litres. Steel and aluminum boom types available from 18 up to 30 metres. Kverneland iXtrack T3 – made for Farmers, made by Farmers The iXtrack T3 trailed sprayer is developed with focus on a short, low and compact design in combination with intelligent electronics and…

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iXtra Front Tank

The iXtra front tank offers a volume of 1100 litres. In combination with the iXter B mounted sprayer, the iXtra front tank provides a total volume of around 3000 litres. So Much More Than Just Extra Volume The innovative Kverneland iXtra front tank offers much more than just extra tank volume. Combined with the iXter…

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